'Vinterbilleder' is a collaboration between the musicians Ulla Pihl and Signe Bisgaard, and the name of a koncert held at the Vinterjazz 2015. 
I have made two different videos for the project; one little process-video, filmed while the musicians where practising, and a little video with some winter moments, with a piece from the song "Lay Off".

Composers: Ulla Pihl & Signe Bisgaard 
Violin: Inger Von Rüden
Bratch: Alexandra Hélianne Blais
Cello: Cecillie Hyldgaard
Clarinet: Video - Lars Greve, Concert - Jeppe Højgaard
Piano: Signe Bisgaard
Omnichord & vocal: Ulla Pihl

Read more about 'Vinterbilleder' here